Our ornaments are made from the most recycled material in the world, salvaged industrial steel, which we chose for its sustainability and unique patina. This also means that each sheet (batch) will differ in texture and sheen. So no two ornaments are alike.

Steel is also accustomed to rust (which on our finished ornaments, will have a black clouded-like look) so please store in the bag and avoid excess moisture if you'd like your ornament to stay pristine. If your ornaments are exposed to moisture during shipping, they may arrive this way. Some prefer to let the nature of the rust take its course, giving the ornament a rustic effect. But if the rust is unwelcome then it can be easily cleaned.  You can follow the process below for cleaning and maintenance...

Step one: Remove the twine from the ornament.

Step two: Soak ornament in vegetable or olive oil for a few minutes (the longer it soaks, the easier the black rust is to remove)

Step three: Use any household grade (0-0000) steel wool and buff the rust away. This will not damage the finish. 

Step four: Dry ornament with a paper towel or cotton cloth. Remove all excess and let dry. Then re-tie the string and hang.

Please note: Do not attempt to clean with water if you are trying to remove the rust. This will only add more. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@thefestivefarmco.com.