The holidays are here!

Well, not really. But when you're as festive as we are...the holidays are pretty much year round.

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Est. 2015

Send joy, send love

Born from a desire to create products that encourage and inspire...founder, Allison Aars, has been creating meaningful gifts since 2015. Now a family affair...our company-wide goal is to celebrate life; through laughter, healing, encouragement, and some good old fashioned happy mail. Because every day is truly a gift.


Giving back

Not to toot our own trunks...

But not only are we an eco-friendly and cruelty-free company, a portion of proceeds goes to protect wildlife in need, among other causes.

For a full list of charities we support, click here.

And to read about orphaned elephant we support annually, click here.

Blog posts

The Ribbon of Survival

The Ribbon of Survival

Every ornament in our collection holds a very special place in our heart. Each one represents a moment in time that was either joyous, challenging ...

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Dark clouds in the sky

When there are no words

We’ve all been there. Either someone we know has lost a loved one and we struggle to find the right words to comfort them, or we’ve lost a loved on...

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Our ornaments are proudly made from start to finish in the historical district of Norse, Texas. Made from natural maple wood (sourced within the US) each ornament is hand finished by our Festive Farm Co. artisan team, and sent straight to you, with love.