Fine art print of three elephants next to inspirational text that celebrates friendship and loyalty, created by The Festive Farm Co.
"Friendship/Sisterhood" Elephant Art Print
"Friendship/Sisterhood" Elephant Art Print
"Friendship/Sisterhood" Elephant Art Print

"Friendship/Sisterhood" Elephant Art Print

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In the wild, female elephants are known as fierce protectors. And when one of their sisters is suffering, they circle up around her. They close in tight, watch guard, and even kick dust around her to mask her vulnerable scent from predators. And yet, we are the same. This is who we are, and who we are meant to be for each other. Sometimes we’re the ones in the middle. Sometimes we’re the ones kicking up dust with fierce, fierce love.

But the circle remains.


Handsome, monochrome gray print on white cover stock. Frame not included. Shipped with protective cardboard and wrapped with care.



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