Gift for Encouragement and Hope Monarch Maple Wood Ornament Meaningful Thoughtful Gifts and Inspired Products by The Festive Farm Co.
Meaningful Monarch Ornament Maple Wood Christmas Gift For Help Through Difficult Season by The Festive Farm Co.

"Encouragement/Hope" Monarch Ornament

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Monarchs are the symbol of hope and life, often seen with wings spread in glorious power. But before they can ever take flight, they must first completely transform.

The process is daunting and dark. And just when they think their life is over, they emerge…hanging by their feet, wings wet and folded, weary from the journey. Their entire world upside down.

Then, they summon all of their courage, and bravely let go.

Upon seeing their world from above, they know...

They were always meant to fly.


Ornament Size: 2.5" x 3" and comes packaged with a story card (with the message above) inside a cloth gift bag.

Care: Wipe clean with a damp cloth store away in our custom cloth bag for ultimate protection.



Our goal? To create quality gifts, full of MEANING. Gifts that inspire, gifts that encourage, gifts that spread the good things: comfort, love, and joy...all thoughout the world.

(Because the world needs more of that. Don't you think?)