"Spiritual Messenger" Cardinal Tea Towel
"Spiritual Messenger" Cardinal Tea Towel
"Spiritual Messenger" Cardinal Tea Towel

"Spiritual Messenger" Cardinal Tea Towel

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In many traditions, a cardinal is seen as a loved one visiting from Heaven. They are thought to be spiritual messengers and protectors, showing up just when we need them most.

The word cardinal is derived from the Latin “cardo”, meaning “hinge” or “axis”. Like a hinge on a door, the cardinal unites the boundary between Heaven and Earth, carrying messages back and forth.

Place this keepsake on your Christmas tree, window, or anywhere else it can be seen…and let it serve as a reminder of your loved one in Heaven. Most of all, let it bring you peace and comfort knowing that they are listening, guiding, and protecting you always.


This striking tea towel is everyday functional or beautiful on display. Wrapped with The Spiritual Messenger it makes the perfect gift to all your friends who have lost a loved one and need a reminder: they are never alone.

  • Made by our wonderful friends at Gingiber
  • Machine-washable
  • 100% flour sack cotton
  • 25" x 25"



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