Washi Tape Wall

This one's gonna be a quickie, friends. Because this project is just that simple. 

When we first moved in, our budget was next to nothing. Wait. Who am I kidding? Our budget NOW is next to nothing. HA! But I digress. One day I'd had enough of the stark white walls, and started to think outside the box (one of my favorite things to do). I knew I wanted this space to have some impact, and also be fun for my boys since this is their play area.

Washi Tape Wall

So I went for the washi tape. P.S. - This was supposed to be a quick fix y'all. But I loved it so much, we've kept it up for the past year. And it's still going strong. Here's the quick "how to."

If you want to measure, do so first. Figure out how far apart you want each "cross" and make a light pencil mark. If you like to live on the wild side (like I do), just get to taping. As for tape patterns, make sure you know the tape's opacity level before you begin. The more opaque, the stronger the effect. Mine is pretty much a 50/50 opacity tape. 

And that's it guys! I'm telling you. I didn't even measure. It is perfect? No. But it's good enough for me. And someday, when my boys have outgrown it, we'll just peel the pieces off and start over.

And that's the best kind of project in my book. Happy weekend, friends! I've sourced the other details of the room below.





Wall Map: vintage find

Clock: IKEA

Washi Tape: Hobby Lobby

"Hello World": Hobby Lobby

Chair: IKEA

Kids Table: IKEA