The Ribbon of Survival

Every ornament in our collection holds a very special place in our heart. Each one represents a moment in time that was either joyous, challenging or amazingly memorable. They represent those special people who God placed in our life and serve as a reminder of life’s precious gifts.

They bring people together, they lift people up, and they remind people they are not alone. Our ornaments are crafted with love and encompass everything we here at The Festive Farm Co. strive to provide to the world – joy, healing, encouragement, love, and everything in between.

Because life has many ups and downs, there are so many more ornaments that could potentially be added to the collection. And upon great request, we’d like to introduce our newest addition, The Ribbon of Survival.

This beautiful, wooden ribbon honors the survivors in our lives. It does not have a specific color because it represents all battles that humankind may face. From health and mental health battles to abuse, addiction, and beyond, you or someone you know has likely been faced with adversity. No matter what the challenge, this ornament represents strength, courage, endurance and grit. Afterall, these battles have made you who you are – and that’s a survivor.

And in true Festive Farm Co. form ... we're not stopping here. Over the next few months, we will be introducing NEW ornaments (ones you have been begging for!) along with some other surprises we have up our sleeves ... all inspired by the new, wooden designs. 

We hope you love the new ornament as much as we do. We have THE BEST customers in the world, and we are so incredibly grateful for your continued love and support!