I'll be honest. I never thought I'd be a homeschool Mom.

I mean, I'd thought about it before. But due to my job, I never thought it could actually be a possibility. Enter COVID. 

I guess this is what we'd call a "Corona Silver Lining"? (Tee hee). Regardless, we are so excited about this new adventure.

And also nervous. Because let's be real, this is brand new territory. And I'm not a natural born teacher. But with God's help, we'll make it through (and hopefully pass our tests with flying colors). Mom included.

One thing I am beyond grateful for, as we start this adventure, is our shed space. I introduced you to the Festive Farmshed here. And right after the pandemic hit, I used some of my found time (which let's be honest, wasn't much) fixing her up.

The best part of all? The redo was mostly free. Yep, that's right. You heard me. FREE We used leftover white house paint to spray in interior. And I mixed three gallons of green and blue leftover paint to make the floor color. Then every but of art, organization, and furniture was repurposed from our house.

And as much as I loved having her all to myself for work purposes, I realized she's the perfect place to do school lessons. So we installed an air conditioning unit (we chose this one) and I got to work organizing. A few adjustments here, a repurposed table there...and I think she turned out pretty darn good. Don't you think?

My hope is that this allows us some separation of home life and school life. But as with everything else in this pandemic world, it's all pretty hard to predict. Some of the best advice we've been given through all of this is not to expect ANYTHING. But instead, go with the flow. And that's exactly what we plan to do. 

I promise to keep you guys updated on how school is going, our curriculum details, and how I'm managing the shop in between. In the meantime, we'd appreciate your prayers!

And for those who are asking about our shed model, etc. You can find one just like her at Leland's Sheds. We love her so much, we're already planning for dreaming about another. 

Source list below!

White paint: BM Simply White (latex)

Floor paint: Personal mix (oil)

Shed: 10x20 Chalet from Lelands Sheds