Not gonna lie, as I wrote "firepit" all I could think about was the "fire swamp" from The Princess Bride. But this is how my brain works. I am fluent in Movie Speak.

Hi! Let's get back on topic now, shall we? I wanted to show you guys our brand new POLYWOOD Adirondack chairs and chat a little about WHY we chose them. Because so many of you have been asking!

First off, let me just say that these babies are an investment. But trust me when I say, they are worth it. And here's why:

Festive Farmhouse Firepit Polywood Chairs

Since moving here three years ago, we've been through two sets (you read that right) TWO SETS of Adirondack chairs for our fire pit. The elements are harsh out here, guys. We have mild winters but plenty of Texas heat and lots of desert wind. And both sets of wooden chairs couldn't pass the test. They practically deteriorated before our eyes. 

I thought long and hard about fixing them up, but decided that it would only be a bandaid at best. We needed something that would LAST and stand up to our farmhouse elements. 

So I did my research. I asked around, called around, and polled my peeps on Insta. And BY FAR, the highest recommended chairs came from POLYWOOD. I was a little skeptical at first, but the more I looked into it...the more it made sense. Invest now, and never have to buy new chairs again. 

The Festive Farmhouse Firepit Polywood Chairs

In fact, I hate thinking about it, but if I had just bought the POLYWOOD chairs to begin with, I would have never been out the money for two sets of chairs! But hindsight is 20/20.

We went with the clean lines of the modern Adirondack chairs and I am 100% in LOVE. We have had them for a few weeks and they still look like new (which could NOT be said for our old wooden chairs). 

The Festive Farmhouse Firepit Polywood Chairs

We also snagged a set of POLYWOOD's new Indoor/Outdoor Pillow line with Sunbrella fabrics. They have so many options to choose from, but we chose the Modern Nautical theme, which mixes and matches 8 pillow designs for you so you don't have to do the work! Pretty brilliant, eh? (No, I'm not Canadian. I just felt like saying "eh?)

I will update you guys over the next few months on how these beauties are holding up! But I can already tell, it's going to be a stellar report. So grateful our hunt for chairs is finally over. FOR GOOD!

Aaaand I might have already started saving up for an outdoor dining table. Just sayin.'