It's taken me a hot minute to write this post, I know. But you guys have been keeping us so busy with your Festive Farm Co. orders! And we can't thank you enough for that!

But I definitely wanted to get my thoughts down here on the blog while the refresh was still, well, fresh. Especially when it comes to our patio furniture, which I continue to get so many questions about...

I'll put a source list at the very bottom of the post for all the pieces we selected. But let's get right to the nitty gritty, shall we? Let's start with the most common questions I get: 

Q: POLYWOOD is expensive, but is it worth it????

The short answer? Yes. The long answer? Also yes. 

Here's the deal, y'all. We had other furniture before POLYWOOD and I was aghast at how quickly it deteriorated. I mean, my options were basically to refinish the patio furniture EVERY SINGLE YEAR, or find an alternative option that would never ever deteriorate. For me? It was a no brainer. My time is so valuable, so I would much rather invest in my patio set once, and then worry about nothing but enjoying it. (Besides, if you don't invest in something that lasts, won't you just be replacing it every few years? And THAT alone is more expensive.) We have had some of our POLYWOOD for over a year now and it still looks brand spanking new. And our elements are LEGIT, you guys. 


Q: How did you plan out your space?

A: Again, POLYWOOD. They have an Outdoor Furniture Planner on their site, that allows you to enter the specifications of your space, and helps you pick a furniture arrangement accordingly. I fell in love with a particular set (linked below), chose it in the drop down menu and then POLYWOOD helped me bring that vision to life. I made a few edits on my own (mainly that I wanted two dining chairs as side chairs so we could move them around easily) but that was basically it. They made it so easy.


Q: Why did you mix pieces from different POLYWOOD styles?

A: I think mixing styles is essential for patio sets and it's often something that is overlooked. Having matching pieces is great, but you want a few points of interest with a different look. So don't be afraid to peruse their site and mix pieces from different collections. The world would be pretty boring if WE all looked the same, so the same goes for our patio furniture. Right? ;)


 Q: What actually is POLYWOOD???

A:  So...POLYWOOD is a wood look material that is made from recycled plastics. Just another reason I'm a POLYWOOD fan: They recycle up to 400,000 landfill- bound and ocean-bound plastic containers a day. So not only are you getting beautiful furniture that LASTS, but you are helping the environment. It's a win-win if you ask me. 


Q: Which POLYWOOD styles did you choose? 

A: Below I've linked all of our POLYWOOD pieces. Hope this makes it easy to shop! 

EDGE Dining Arm Chair, White 

EDGE 5-Piece Modular Deep Seating Set, White w/ Ash Charcoal cushions

Heritage Rustic Farmhouse 39" x 75" Dining Table, Slate Grey 

Heritage Rustic Farmhouse 60" Backless Bench, Slate Grey 

Newport 22" End Table, White 

Newport 36" Conversation Table, Teak 

Vineyard 60" Bench, White