Decorating Early (And why I don't judge)

I've noticed something over the past few years, and it's a trend I don't like. 

And no, I'm not talking about ACTUALLY decorating early for Christmas. What I AM talking about is how up in arms people get about it.  

Am I the only one? Not-so-nice comments on social media, opinionated quips, and blasting stores for putting up Christmas decor post-Halloween. And to be honest (let's keep this in perspective) it's quite the first world problem. 

Where do I fall on the matter? To be honest. I vacillate. Because life changes. But here's why I never judge:

A few years ago, I really needed Christmas. The year before, for personal reasons, Christmas had been pretty much a blur. It was almost like it didn't happen. In fact, if it wasn't for the exhaustion that was left behind, I probably wouldn't have known it came and went. So the following year, I really needed to FEEL Christmas. I needed it in my heart and soul. It was a deep part of the healing process for me. So I went for it. I decorated 3 weeks before Thanksgiving. And you know what? I regret nothing. 

And last year? It was a hail Mary pass two weeks before Christmas. We had just moved here. And everything was in boxes. Life was crazy, and somehow, Christmas decorating felt like too much. I did the best I could but reminded myself that my energy was better spent on being with my family, rather than decorating for them.

Do I sometimes get annoyed that stores play Christmas music in November? Yes. Am I grateful that those same stores are right there waiting for me on the years that I desperately NEED Christmas to come early? Yes. Yes I am. 

A wise soul once told me, "you never know what's going on in someone's life." And boy is that true. 

The holidays run deep. They are emotionally charged for so many. So to each their own. Do what you need. And don't apologize for anything else. Your Christmas, your rules. 

As for our house? We're feeling festive this year (imagine that.) So bring on the holly...

We're ready.