Creating the Perfect Gift Basket

There’s something very charming and inviting about a gift basket. It’s sort of like opening a treasure chest or busting a piñata to see what’s inside. A whole trove of goodies awaits you, and if it’s done right, a gift basket can be the perfect gift for any occasion!

That’s one of the reasons why we added gift boxes to our shop. Not everyone is brave enough to tackle creating a gift basket (or most just simply don’t have the time), so you will find several gift boxes with various themes under the Gifts section. From “The Royal Treatment” Box to the "Golden Girl" Box to "The Sunshine” Box, there’s a little something for everyone.

However, for those of you who enjoy tapping into your creative side, here's a few tips for creating the perfect gift basket.


Focus on the wants and needs of the receiver, not just what you want to give. Are they celebrating a special occasion? Is this a pampering basket? Do they collect Sunflowers? One of the things that makes a gift so meaningful is that the giver takes the time to stop and think about what the receiver really loves, enjoys and needs.


Make sure the items have a cohesive blend. Picking and sticking to a theme is key. Whether it’s a BBQ-themed box, a gardening bucket, or a wine tasting basket, be sure to lock into a theme and make all items make sense.


What makes something aesthetically pleasing? Anything that brings us joy in what we see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. You experience aesthetics using all of your senses, so be sure to include items that not only look pretty but smell amazing, have different textures and maybe even something yummy to the palette.


Be sure to use items with a variety of shapes and sizes, but also have cohesive colors. The larger items will be seen easier in the back and the smaller items will be great fillers for the front and sides.


A very important part of your gift basket or box is the filler material. Whether you are using crinkle cut shredded paper or tissue paper, we encourage you to use it generously. This not only helps your basket to look full and complete, but it also helps to hold items firmly in place when shipping or transporting the finished product. You don’t want all of your work to be for not.

To those who choose to conquer gift basket creation, we salute you! To those who’d rather we handle it, we are here for you!

Go forth and be festive!