A Warm Welcome

A few weeks ago I added something new to our front porch. I know, I know, big deal...right?! But the thing is...sometimes it just takes one friendly touch to create a good first impression. Making your home feel welcoming is so very important (in my book anyways). I always give a little extra love to any area where my guests will be entering. And for us? That's the front porch, entry way, and the mudroom. 

So many of you have been asking about my welcome sign...

It's from Brooke (@brooke_startathome on IG, Etsy shop here) and y'all. I'm in love. I knew I wanted a little extra detail (although I am loving the minimalistic look right now) so I decided to go for tone on tone. And it's everything I dreamed of and more. Sometimes it just takes a little extra touch to create that "come on in" kind of feeling.

And now for the entry way. I wanted to create a space that felt warm and cory. I change up the decor in here quite regularly to keep it fresh throughout the different seasons. And because I love to keep you guessing (wink.) For me, coziness is created through layers. It may not be for everyone, I know...but I love the way an entryway feels when it's collected. It communicates a sense of history, and a sense that family memories have been made here.

My biggest entryway tip? Make it functional. Even if you never use your entryway, making it FEEL functional gives the sense of a "lived-in" home. Use hooks for hats and coats, have an entryway bench for putting on shoes, and maybe even an umbrella stand. Keep it casual. If everything in your entry feels too formal, no one will feel at home. 

The Festive Farmhouse- Entryway

And living in a farmhouse, the mudroom is practically the main entry. Even for guests. It's just a way of life out here. So I wanted ours to feel just as cozy. We opted to keep the laundry out of the mudroom, to create more room for coats, boots, and guests to make their way in. Our mudroom may not be large, but I still made room for welcoming pieces. A storage bench, cabinets, and curtains that hide backpacks and other unsightly things (because...#boys).

The Festive Farmhouse- Mudroom

Bottom line, it really doesn't take much. Just a few purposeful touches to let your guests know that you're happy they are there. And that's the key. Because, people may not remember your decor...but they will remember how they felt in your home.

Always make them feel WELCOME.