The Festive Farmhouse



Included with the pictured ornament is a commemorative card that reads:

The tradition of the teacher's apple began in the late 1700's. Before teaching was a paid position, families would show their appreciation by sending their most valuable, sought after fruit, because they recognized the value of a teacher.

And so do we.

Just as the apple seed needs nurturing and care to become a fruit-bearing tree, so do our children. Thank you for loving them, teaching them, and helping them grow.


Ornament Size: 2.5" x 4" and comes packaged with card inside a cloth gift bag.

Our ornaments are made from the most recycled material in the world, salvaged industrial steel, which we chose for its sustainability and unique patina. This also means that each batch will differ in texture and sheen. So no two ornaments are alike.

Steel is also accustomed to rust (which on our finished ornaments, will have a dark, clouded look) so please store in the bag and avoid excess moisture. If the rust is unwelcome (some prefer the rustic look) then it can be easily cleaned with steel wool. If your ornaments are exposed to moisture during shipping, they may arrive this way. You can read more about the cleaning/maintenance process here.

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